Test Heater
July 19 - 23, 2023
118 days till Fair Time


Superintendent: Sandy Leiser - 5515 N Engleman Rd, GI - 379-8344 -

Exhibit Check-in: Wed, Jul 20 / 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

General Information:
  • Articles must be in the hands of the superintendents at entry time - no exhibits accepted after 7:30 p.m.
  • All articles must be the work of the exhibitor
  • Any articles which were awarded a prize in previous years may not be entered again for another prize
  • Soiled articles will not be awarded premiums
  • All picture entries must be framed and must have a hanger or easel with a dust cover
  • Quilt Size - Baby 30x40, Crib 36x52, Throw 60x76 or Smaller, Bed Size 60x76 or Larger
  • Wall hangings must have loops or a pocket, 29x29 or Smaller
  • All work must be completed
  • No article can compete for more than one premium
  • Two entry per class - if an exhibit is listed by class, it cannot be entered under miscellaneous
  • All exhibits must be picked up from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Sunday, July 24

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  • D01791 Pillow
  • D01792 Table runner
  • D01793 Wall hanging
  • D01794 Appliquéd, not listed


  • D01795 Christmas stocking
  • D01796 Wall hanging

Bed Coverings

Throw Size 60x76 or Smaller Bed Size 60x76 or Larger.

  • D01707 Throw, appliquéd
  • D01708 Baby blanket, cross stitched
  • D01709 Quilt, cross-stitched
  • D01710 Throw, cross-stitch
  • D11705 Baby blanket, appliqued
  • D11706 Quilt, appliqued
  • D11711 Baby blanket, embroidery
  • D11712 Quilt, embroidery
  • D11713 Throw, embroidery
  • D11714 Baby blanket, machine embroidery
  • D11715 Quilt, machine embroidery
  • D11716 Throw, machine embroidery
  • D11717 Baby blanket, patchwork or pieced
  • D11718 Quilt, patchwork or pieced
  • D11719 Throw, patchwork or pieced
  • D11720 Quilt, photo or t-shirt
  • D11721 Quilt or article, refurbished or restored

Candle wicking

  • D01801 Picture
  • D01802 Pillow
  • D01803 Candle wicking, not listed

Counted Cross-Stitch

  • D01809 Christmas stocking
  • D01810 Dresser scarf
  • D01811 Picture, under 3"
  • D01812 Picture, under 8"
  • D01813 Picture, 8-12"
  • D01814 Picture 12-18"
  • D01815 Picture, over 18"
  • D01816 Pillow
  • D01817 Pillowcase, pair
  • D01818 Tablecloth
  • D01819 Table runner
  • D01820 Tea towels, set of seven
  • D01821 Cross-stitch, not listed


  • D01805 Picture
  • D01806 Pillow
  • D01807 Crewel, not listed


  • D01824 Dresser scarf
  • D01825 Picture
  • D01826 Pillow
  • D01827 Pillowcase, pair
  • D01828 Tablecloth
  • D01829 Table runner
  • D01830 Tea towels, set of seven
  • D01831 Wall hanging
  • D01832 Embroidery, not listed
  • D01833 Swedish weaving on article

Felting- Hand Knitted

  • D01798 Article
  • D01799 Clothing
  • D01800 Felting, not listed

Hand Hooking

  • D11723 Hand hooking, placemats set of 2
  • D11724 Hand hooking, other
  • D71122 Hand hooking, rug


Exhibitor over 75 years old.

  • D01890 Pillow or picture, crocheted, knitted, embroidered or macramé knick knack
  • D01891 Crocheted or knitted article
  • D11892 Quilt
  • D11893 Baby blanket or throw
  • D11894 Miscellaneous handwork


  • D01728 Baby blanket, crocheted
  • D01729 Baby blanket, knitted
  • D01730 Spread, crocheted or knitted
  • D01731 Sweater for baby or child
  • D01732 Sweater for lady
  • D01733 Sweater for man
  • D01734 Vest or shell
  • D01735 Outfit for child
  • D01736 Baby article (cap, booties, etc.)
  • D11725 Afghan, crocheted
  • D11726 Afghan, knitted
  • D11727 Afghan, novelty
  • D1758 Misc. crocheted, not listed
  • D21737 Adult article made on knitting machine
  • D21738 Baby article made on knitting machine
  • D21739 Misc. Article made on knitting machine
  • D21740 Doily, crocheted, up to 12"
  • D21741 Doily, crocheted, 12" to 18"
  • D21742 Doily or centerpiece, crocheted, over 18"
  • D21743 Doily, knitted, up to 18"
  • D21744 Doily or centerpiece, knitted, over 18"
  • D21745 Rug, crocheted or knitted
  • D21746 Christmas item, crocheted or knitted
  • D21747 Toy, crocheted or knitted
  • D21748 Tablecloth over 36" crocheted or knitted
  • D21749 Table runner, crocheted or knitted
  • D21750 Potholders, set of two crocheted or knitted
  • D21751 Dishcloths, set of two crocheted or knitted
  • D21752 Doll clothing, crocheted or knitted
  • D21753 Holiday article, crocheted or knitted
  • D21754 Ornaments, set of three, crocheted or knitted
  • D21755 Pillow, crocheted or knitted
  • D21756 Pillowcase, pair, lace trim crocheted or knitted
  • D21757 Picture, crocheted
  • D21759 Misc. knitted, not listed

Long Stitch

  • D01846 Picture
  • D01847 Pillow
  • D01848 Long stitch, not listed

Machine Embroidery

  • D01835 Dresser scarf
  • D01836 Picture
  • D01837 Pillow
  • D01838 Pillowcase, pair
  • D01839 Tablecloth
  • D01840 Table runner
  • D01841 Tea towels, set of seven
  • D01842 Wall hanging
  • D01843 Machine embroidery, holiday
  • D01844 Machine embroidery, not listed

Miscellaneous Handwork

  • D01882 Chenille pillow
  • D01883 Chenille quilt
  • D01884 Stitch writing
  • D01885 Decorated sweatshirt
  • D01886 Decorated t-shirt
  • D01887 Misc. Handwork, not listed


  • D01850 Christmas stocking
  • D01851 Picture
  • D01852 Pillow
  • D01853 Needlepoint, not listed

Patchwork or Pieced

  • D01855 Article of clothing
  • D01856 Christmas stocking
  • D01857 Doily or centerpiece
  • D01858 Pillow
  • D01859 Table runner
  • D01860 Tree skirt
  • D01861 Wall hanging
  • D01862 Placemats, set of four
  • D01863 Patchwork or pieced, not listed

Plastic Canvas

  • D01864 Doorstop
  • D01865 Holiday item
  • D01866 Ornaments, set of three
  • D01867 Plastic canvas, not listed


  • D11701 Hand quilting of any quilt
  • D11702 Machine quilting (by exhibitor) of quilt
  • D11703 Hand quilting only of an article
  • D11704 Machine quilting (by exhibitor) of an article

Rag Articles

  • D01869 Pillow
  • D01870 Quilt
  • D01871 Rug
  • D01872 Rag article, not listed

Sewn Articles

  • C01769 Preprinted holiday fabric item
  • D01760 Sleepwear
  • D01761 Clothing for baby
  • D01762 Clothing for child
  • D01763 Article for lady
  • D01764 Article for man
  • D01765 Vest
  • D01766 Doll clothing
  • D01767 Any sewn accessory (purse, apron, etc.)
  • D01768 Preprinted fabric item
  • D01772 Pillowcase Pair
  • D01773 Coasters, set of four
  • D01774 Kitchen accessory, not listed
  • D01775 Lunch set, tablecloth & napkins
  • D01776 Placemats, set of four
  • D01777 Potholders, set of two
  • D01778 Bag for shopping or knitting
  • D01779 Play toy
  • D01780 Decorative doll, stuffed
  • D01781 Play doll, stuffed
  • D01782 Stuffed bear
  • D01783 Stuffed animal
  • D01784 Tree skirt
  • D01785 Holiday article, stuffed
  • D01786 Holiday article, not listed
  • D01787 Misc. Sewn article, not listed
  • D01788 Article made with serger


  • D11895 Article
  • D11896 Clothing
  • D11897 Spinning, not listed

Tatted Articles

  • D01875 Christmas ornaments, set of four
  • D01876 Doily, over 6" listed
  • D01877 Tatted, over 3", not listed


  • D01878 Clothing
  • D01879 Wall hanging
  • D01880 Article
  • D01881 Weaving, not listed

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