Carnival Ride
July 19 - 23, 2023
118 days till Fair Time


Superintendent: Kari Stofer - 3133 W. Hwy 34, GI - 308- 440-8936 -

Exhibit Check-in: Wed, Jul 20 / 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm

General Information: 16 and Under by January 1
  • Articles must be in the hands of the superintendents at entry time - no exhibits accepted after 7:30 p.m.
  • Junior Department is for exhibitors under 16 years of age.
  • 4-H members may exhibit in any category that is different than the 4-H project(s) they are enrolled in.
  • One entry per class - if an exhibit is listed by class, it cannot be entered under miscellaneous.
  • Items that have been entered in any other county fair or show are not eligible.
  • Exhibit must be made, not purchased, by exhibitor in the last year.
  • The superintendent reserves the right to decline any entry determined to be too large to display safely or entered in previous year.
  • All exhibits must be picked up from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Sunday, July 24.
  • Include recipe with baked item (recipe must be neatly written by exhibitor).
  • Age division of All Classes 7 and Under 8 and Over.

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All framed pictures should be ready to hang - mount drawings/pictures on construction paper/cardboard for hanging may not exhibit work previously exhibited at a county fair.

  • G01240 Original oil painting
  • G01241 Original watercolor
  • G01242 Original pastel or chalk
  • G01243 Original acrylic
  • G01244 Mixed media
  • G01245 Tempera painting
  • G01246 Pencil, original drawing
  • G01247 Crayola, original drawing
  • G01248 Colored pencil, original drawing
  • G01249 Magic marker, original drawing
  • G01250 Ink drawing
  • G01251 Charcoal drawing
  • G01252 Finger painting
  • G01253 Paint by number
  • G01254 Tolle painting
  • G01255 Sand painting
  • G01256 Print - potato, silkscreen, linoleum, etc. drawing
  • G01258 String art
  • G01259 Mosaic
  • G01260 Collage
  • G01261 Magic marker, velvet picture
  • G01262 Scratch art
  • G01263 Any other art
  • G01264 Marble Whipping
  • G01265 Zentangle
  • G01266 Digital art
  • G01267 Comic art


All rules in the corresponding adult class apply - include neatly hand written recipe.

  • G0110 Muffins, plain, four
  • G0112 Bread, misc
  • G011 Rye or whole wheat, 5/8 loaf
  • G013 Banana, 5/8 loaf
  • G014 Zucchini, 5/8 loaf
  • G015 Cornbread, 5/8 loaf
  • G016 Coffeecake, 5/8 of pan
  • G017 Dinner rolls, four
  • G018 Cinnamon rolls, four
  • G019 Kolaches, four


Display on foil wrapped cardboard and cover in plastic - Exhibit 5/8 of a cake or four cupcakes - no cake mixes - all rules in the corresponding adult class apply - include neatly handwritten recipe.

  • G0117 Chocolate layer
  • G0119 White layer
  • G0120 Sponge
  • G0121 Spice
  • G0122 Applesauce
  • G0123 Banana
  • G0124 Zucchini
  • G0125 Cake, misc.
  • G0126 Cupcake, misc.
  • G0127 Carrot


Homemade - include neatly hand written recipe.

  • G01058 Any candy, 6 pieces


  • G01065 Any canning
  • G01066 Pickled items


Display four on a small plate covered in plastic - include neatly hand written recipe.

  • G01041 Chocolate chip cookie
  • G01042 Sugar cookie
  • G01043 Oatmeal
  • G01044 Peanut butter
  • G01045 Chocolate cookie
  • G01046 Chocolate drop
  • G01047 Butterscotch
  • G01048 Snickerdoodle
  • G01049 Brownie
  • G01050 Any other bar cookie
  • G01051 Any unbaked cookie
  • G01052 Cookie, misc

Decorated Cake and Cookies

Artificial cake/cake mixes allowed display on foil wrapped cardboard and cover in plastic.

  • G1130 Cake
  • G1131 Cupcakes, four
  • G1132 Cookies, four

Dried Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs

Place 1/4 cup of vegetable or herb or 6-10 pieces of fruit in a small glass jar - label with contents.

  • G01070 Any dried item

Homemaking Sewing

May not exhibit work previously exhibited at a county fair.

  • G01101 Blouse
  • G01102 Dress
  • G01103 Sports clothing
  • G01104 Sleepwear
  • G01105 Sewing, misc.
  • G01106 Skirts
  • G01107 Pants
  • G01108 Decorated clothes

Junior Photography

General information for classes G305 to G308 G1303 Penmanship G1304 Poetry Up to Five snapshots, black/white or colored, 8x10, must be mounted on poster board If you wish, pictures may be captioned The same photograph may NOT be entered in both Open Class and 4-H.

  • G01305 Nature
  • G01306 Human interest
  • G01307 Inanimate
  • G01308 Picture story, misc.
  • G01309 Other
  • G01310 Self Portrait
  • G01311 Animal
  • G01312 Collage
  • G01313 Digitally enhanced

Language Art

  • G1300 Original Short Story, Handwritten
  • G1301 Original Short Story, Illustration
  • G1303 Penmanship
  • G1304 Poetry

Legos & K-NEX

2021 Theme – PICK A STATE IN THE UNIDED STATES - display exhibit on board no bigger than 15"X15" X15" - NO kits, MUST be original design.

  • G01290 Legos 7 & under
  • G01291 Legos 8 & over
  • G01292 K-NEX 7 & under
  • G01293 K_NEX 8 & over

Miscellaneous Article

  • G01110 Knitted or crocheted
  • G01111 Embroidered
  • G01112 Play toy, decorated toy
  • G01113 Tie blanket, fleece
  • G01114 Needlepoint
  • G01115 Pillow
  • G01116 Quilted
  • G01117 Counted cross-stitch
  • G01118 Doll clothing
  • G01119 Decorated clothing item
  • G01120 Any other article
  • G01121 Pieced or patchwork
  • G01122 Stuffed animals

Miscellaneous Craft

May not exhibit work previously exhibited at a county fair.

  • G01200 Coiling
  • G01201 Weaving, any kind
  • G01202 Leather craft, any article
  • G01204 Scrapbook
  • G01205 Novelties
  • G01206 Dolls
  • G01207 Bead, jewel, sequin work
  • G01208 Shell craft
  • G01209 Jewelry
  • G01210 Dough art
  • G01211 Craft sticks, any article
  • G01212 Stained glass
  • G01213 Picture Frame
  • G01214 Holiday decoration G01215 Tin punch
  • G01216 Macramé
  • G01217 Paper Mache
  • G01218 Plastic canvas
  • G01219 Misc. handwork made from recycled materials


Mount on board or form board - may not enter work that has been previously exhibited at a county fair.

  • G01231 Car
  • G01232 Truck
  • G01233 Boat
  • G01234 Aircraft
  • G01235 Other
  • G01236 Spacecraft


Display in disposable aluminum pie tin - include neatly hand written recipe.

  • G1137 Pie, Fruit
  • G1138 Pie, Cream
  • G1139 Pie, Meringue

Sculpture and 3 D Objects

May not exhibit work previously exhibited at a county fair.

  • G01279 Ceramic
  • G01280 Pottery
  • G01281 Plaster craft
  • G01282 Original sculpture
  • G01283 Stepping stone
  • G01284 Painted rock/landscape rock
  • G01285 Diorama
  • G01286 Doll Furniture
  • G01287 Furniture
  • G01288 found objects

Wood Crafts

Other Accessories may not enter work previously exhibited at a county fair.

  • G01220 Wood carving
  • G01221 Wood burning
  • G01222 Wood toys, constructed
  • G01223 Wood toy, painted/finished only
  • G01224 Wood accessory, constructed
  • G01225 Wood accessory, painted/finished
  • G01226 Wood furniture, constructed
  • G01227 Wood furniture, painted/finished
  • G01228 Bird house, constructed
  • G01229 Bird house, painted/finished
  • G01230 Other woodwork

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