Superintendent: Kristen Moeller - - 308-379-6881 -

Exhibit Checkin: Wed, Jul 19 form 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm - No exhibits accepted after 7:30 pm

General Information:
  • All entries in the purebred classes must be from registered animals.
  • Open Class Show Thursday, July 21 (8 a.m. Livestock Arena)
  • Barrows and Gilts must be 200-300 lbs. for the show.

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  • A01 Barrow Poland China
  • A02 Barrow Duroc
  • A03 Barrow Hampshire
  • A04 Barrow Berkshire
  • A05 Barrow Chester White
  • A06 Barrow Yorkshire
  • A07 Barrow Landrance
  • A08 Barrow other established breed
  • A09 Barrow Crossbred
  • A10 Gilt Poland China
  • A11 Gilt Duroc
  • A12 Gilt Hampshire
  • A13 Gilt Berkshire
  • A14 Gilt Chester White
  • A15 Gilt Yorkshire
  • A16 Gilt Landrance
  • A17 Gilt other established breed
  • A18 Gilt Crossbred

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