Farm Produce

Superintendent: Terri Boltz - - 308-390-5561 -

Exhibit Checkin: Wed, Jul 17 form 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm - No exhibits accepted after 7:30 pm

Exhibit Pickup: Sun, Jul 21 from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

General Information:
  • Articles must be in the hands of the superintendents at entry time - no exhibits are accepted after 7:30 p.m.
  • Awards will be made according to merit, but no awards to articles not worthy.
  • Exhibits should be dirt-free and attractive.
  • Paper plates and containers will be furnished.
  • All articles must be grown by the exhibitor in this crop year except where noted and sworn to requested.

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Dry beans may be from previous years’ crop.

  • C01363 Green beans in pods, plate of 10
  • C01364 Yellow beans in pods, plate of 10
  • C01365 Lima beans in pods, plate of 10
  • C01366 White dry beans, dry pint
  • C01367 Colored dry beans, dry pint
  • C01368 Lima dry beans, dry pint
  • C01369 Any other, plate of 10


Wipe clean, do not wash.

  • C01373 Red table, three
  • C01374 Beet, largest


One head.

  • C01379 Green
  • C01380 Flat
  • C01381 Red
  • C01382 Largest


Wipe clean, do not wash.

  • C01387 Half long, three
  • C01388 Long, three
  • C01389 Largest


  • C01401 Slicers, three
  • C01402 Yellow seeds, three
  • C01403 Pickling, plate of 12, short stem
  • C01404 Dills, plate of 6
  • C01405 Burpless slicers, three

Feature Exhibit

Judged for quality and general appearance. No canned goods. One per family - entry will be shown in bushel basked turned on side. Basket furnished by the superintendent. Entry to be an assortment of edible garden vegetables consisting of six or more varieties in a suitable amount to exhibit in a bushel basket. Judged for quality and general appearance.

  • C31555 Feed Basket

Field Corn

  • C11301 Yellow dent, ten ears
  • C11302 Calico, any color (squaw), ten ears

Field Seeds

Last year’s crop may be exhibited if this year’s crop is not harvested.

  • C21331 Sorghum (Kaffir, etc), one peck
  • C21332 Soybeans, one peck

Forage Sheaves

At least three inches in diameter, neatly bound and well cured, will not be scored on leafiness, color, general quality for forage. Soybeans should be of sufficient maturity to show head or seed characteristics.

  • C21341 Alfalfa
  • C21342 Blue stem
  • C21343 Brome-grass
  • C21344 Sweet clover
  • C21345 Soybeans
  • C21346 Tall wheat grass
  • C21347 Red clover

Fresh Fruit

Must be raised by exhibitor, three on plate - apples must have stem left on.

  • C21538 Peaches
  • C21539 Pears
  • C21540 Plums, tame red
  • C21541 Plums, tame blue
  • C21542 Plums, wild
  • C21543 Blue grapes
  • C21544 White grapes
  • C21545 Red grapes
  • C21546 Wild grapes
  • C21547 Raspberries
  • C21548 Wild elderberries
  • C21549 Unusual fruit

Grain Sheaves

Should be three inches in diameter and neatly bound with leaves stripped off.

  • C11333 Oats
  • C11334 Wheat
  • C11335 Rye
  • C11336 Barley


Roots need NOT be washed (dirt free).

  • C01501 Eggplant, two
  • C01502 Kohlrabi, three
  • C01503 Parsnips, three
  • C01504 Turnips, three
  • C01505 Swiss chard, three leaves in jar
  • C01506 Rhubarb, six stalks, leave 1" green tops
  • C01508 Radish, four on a plate
  • C01509 Okra, three on a plate
  • C01510 Parsley, potted plant
  • C01511 Any other herb, potted plant
  • C01512 Broccoli, two stalks
  • C01513 Cauliflower, one head
  • C01514 Brussel sprouts, four
  • C01515 Dill, one stem
  • C01516 Peas, six on a plate
  • C01517 Garlic, three
  • C01518 Any other vegetable


Display one.

  • C21417 Muskmelon
  • C21418 Honeydew
  • C21419 Cantaloupe


Three, mature, clean, not washed.

  • C01422 Sweet, (Spanish, Bermuda, etc.)
  • C01423 Red
  • C01424 Yellow
  • C01425 White
  • C01426 Largest
  • C01427 Very largest,1 on plate


Plate of three.

  • C01432 Red, sweet
  • C01433 Green, sweet
  • C01434 Yellow, sweet
  • C01435 Pimento
  • C01436 Yellow, hot
  • C01437 Red, hot
  • C01438 Green, hot
  • C01439 Largest, one only
  • C01440 Any other


  • C11315 Strawberry popcorn, ten ears
  • C11316 White, ten ears
  • C11317 Yellow, ten ears


Plate of 6 - cleaned not washed

  • C01445 White
  • C01446 Red
  • C01447 Russet
  • C01448 Largest single specimen

Pumpkins & Squash

Display two except for largest or as indicated.

  • C01453 Sweet pie, small, 8"
  • C01454 Field pumpkin
  • C01455 Hubbard squash, any color
  • C01457 Summer squash
  • C01458 White scallop squash
  • C01459 Table or acorn squash
  • C01460 Banana squash
  • C01461 Butternut squash
  • C01462 Buttercup squash
  • C01463 Zucchini
  • C01464 Largest pumpkin, one
  • C01465 Largest zucchini, one
  • C01466 Gourds, six or more
  • C01467 Largest banana, one
  • C01468 Largest summer, one
  • C01469 Ornamental pumpkins
  • C01470 Ornamental corn, plate of ten ears
  • C01471 Any other squash
  • CO1472 Spaghetti squash

Special Class Vegetables

Naturally grown, dirt free, not dressed up.

  • C01522 Unusual variety vegetables
  • C01523 Oddity specimen

Stalk Display

Entries will be judged for forage value as well as grain, except bromecorn. Stalks, three or more, may be shown freshly cut. Exhibitors must others enclosed in plastic bags.

  • C11352 Field corn, best, three stalks
  • C11353 Field corn, tallest, one stalk
  • C21354 Grain milo, five stalks
  • C21355 Corn forage, five stalks
  • C21356 Sorghum forage, five stalks
  • C21357 Sunflower, best tame, head only w/short stem
  • C21358 Sunflower, tallest tame

Sweet Corn

  • C11305 Sweet corn, ten ears

Threshed Grains

One peck.

  • C21323 Winter wheat
  • C21324 Winter Rye


  • C01475 Red, three
  • C01476 Yellow, three
  • C01477 Red cherry, six on plate
  • C01478 Preserving, yellow pear shape, six on plate
  • C01479 Grape, six on plate
  • C01480 Roma, three on plate
  • C01481 Largest, one only


  • C21410 Round, one
  • C21411 Long, one
  • C21412 Largest specimen

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