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Superintendent: Ann Beckmann - - 308-383-2525 -

Exhibit Checkin: Wed, Jul 19 form 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm - No exhibits accepted after 7:30 pm

General Information:
  • Articles must be in the hands of the superintendents at entry time - no exhibits are accepted after 7:30 p.m.
  • Articles shown and awarded prizes previously are not eligible.
  • Two entries per class - if an exhibit is listed by class, it cannot be entered under miscellaneous.
  • Exhibits must be picked up from 3:00 – 4:30 pm Sunday, July 24.

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Age 75+

  • E01050 Art
  • E01051 Decorative Accessories
  • E01052 Wood Craft
  • E01053 Misc.

Amateur Photography

Snapshots, black/white or colored, must be mounted on 14X22 stiff cardboard. There must be five pictures in a series, which tell a story. The pictures must be captioned and attached to the exhibit. Attach a hanger for appropriate hanging. The same photographs may NOT be entered in both 4-H and open class.

  • E01032 Animal
  • E01033 Landscape
  • E01034 Nature
  • E01035 Seascape
  • E01036 Human interest, people as subject of photo
  • E01037 Inanimate, still life, machinery, other
  • E01038 Flowers
  • E01039 Picture story

Amateur Photography Snapshots

Snapshots, 5X7 or larger, black/white or color. Must be framed or matted and have a hanger for hanging.

  • E01040 Animal
  • E01041 Seascape
  • E01042 Human interest
  • E01043 Still life
  • E01044 Flowers
  • E01045 Birds
  • E01046 Insects and fish
  • E01047 Anything antique
  • E01048 Landscape
  • E01049 Any other


  • E01901 Picture, original oil painting, still life
  • E01902 Picture, original oil painting, landscape
  • E01903 Picture, original oil painting, animal
  • E01904 Picture, original oil painting, portrait
  • E01905 Still life, watercolor
  • E01906 Landscape, watercolor
  • E01907 Animal, watercolor
  • E01908 Portrait, watercolor
  • E01909 Flowers, watercolor
  • E01910 Picture, pastel
  • E01911 Picture, original acrylic, still life
  • E01912 Picture, original acrylic, landscape
  • E01913 Picture, original acrylic, animal
  • E01914 Picture, original acrylic, portrait
  • E01915 Picture, mixed media
  • E01916 Pen and ink drawing
  • E01917 Pencil drawing
  • E01918 Magic marker drawing
  • E01919 Charcoal
  • E01920 Scratch work
  • E01921 Stained glass, wood frame
  • E01922 Stained glass, metal frame
  • E01923 Stained glass, pattern
  • E01924 Stained glass, original
  • E01925 Abstract art, any media


  • E01001 Ceramic piece, one firing
  • E01002 Ceramic piece, two firings
  • E01003 Ceramic piece, three firings
  • E01004 Ceramic, stained
  • E01005 Unusual finish
  • E01006 Porcelain doll
  • E01007 Christmas
  • E01008 Holiday, no Christmas

China Painting

  • E01012 Flowers
  • E01013 Still life
  • E01015 Landscape
  • E01017 Portrait
  • E01018 Animals, wildlife
  • E01019 Jewelry and small pieces
  • E01020 Miscellaneous

Decorative Accessory


  • E01960 Holiday centerpiece, no Christmas
  • E01961 Centerpiece, Christmas
  • E01962 Centerpiece, any kind
  • E01964 Silk flower arrangement
  • E01965 Floral arrangement, any kind (dried, straw, plastic, fiber)
  • E01966 Driftwood arrangement
  • E01967 Accessory, red, white & blue
  • E01968 Holiday accessory, no Christmas
  • E01969 Christmas accessory
  • E01970 Hat
  • E01971 Fabric doll
  • E01972 Fabric animal
  • E01973 Decorative novelties (beads, buttons, ribbon, doily, lace)
  • E01975 Birdhouse
  • E01976 Angel
  • E01977 Misc.

Decorative Art

  • E01926 Pencil drawing, colored
  • E01927 Tole, floral
  • E01928 Tole, animals, birds
  • E01929 Tole, still life
  • E01930 Tole, landscape
  • E01931 Tole, centerpiece
  • E01932 Fabric painting
  • E01933 Sculpture
  • E01934 Wheat weaving
  • E01935 Miscellaneous
  • E01936 Weaving
  • E01937 Decorated clothing
  • E01938 Art, any media

Miscellaneous Crafts

  • E01980 Scrapbook
  • E01981 Dolls, ribbon, net, yarn, Styrofoam, plastic, etc.
  • E01982 Models, kits
  • E01983 Bracelet, handmade
  • E01984 Necklace, handmade
  • E01985 Misc. handwork
  • E01986 Recycled product, metal, cloth, plastic
  • E01987 Recycled product, miscellaneous

Plaster Craft

  • E01021 Animal figures
  • E01022 Human figures
  • E01023 Child or comical plaque/statue
  • E01024 Miscellaneous

Wood Craft

  • E01988 Wood burning, pattern
  • E01989 Wood burning, original
  • E01990 Wood burning, any kind
  • E01991 Woodcarving, figurine, etc.
  • E01992 Wood carving, painted
  • E01993 Wood carving, stained or natural
  • E01994 Wood carving, miscellaneous
  • E01995 Wood toy
  • E01996 Wood furniture (magazine rack, table, small cabinet, etc.)
  • E01997 Wood accessory (tie rack, bookend, bowl, plate, frame, etc.)
  • E01998 Misc. wood article
  • E01999 Wood cutout, holiday or seasonal

Wreath, Swag, Wall hanging

  • E01940 Floral
  • E01941 All natural, dried
  • E01942 Novelties, wood cutouts
  • E01943 Novelties, fabric dolls, rabbits, etc.
  • E01944 Holiday, no Christmas
  • E01945 Christmas
  • E01946 Wreath
  • E01947 Beads, buttons, doilies or lace
  • E01948 Crazy & fun
  • E01949 Misc.
  • E01950 Wall hanging, any kind

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