Trailer Races

Trailer Races

Date: Sat, Jul 22, 2023
Doors Open: 4:00 pm
Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Participant Registration: Vehicle and Driver: $40 if Registered by July 20 or $60.00 at the gate.

Trailer Races Registration



Public parking available off Stuhr Road north of R Barn.

Live Music by Exit 312 Following Races.

Participant Rules and Regulations

  • This event is meant to be fun for all involved. Please do not compromise this aspect by over-building your entry.
  • All vehicles must have a clear number on both sides of the vehicle, at least 12" tall.


  • Any car, pickup, station wagon, or suburban. No buses, motor homes, or farm trucks.
  • Use of 4x4 vehicles is allowed, but the front driveshaft must be removed.
  • Tires and wheels. MUST BE standard D.O.T. passenger tire, no industrial or skid loader tires. Valve stem protectors are allowed—NO foam-filled tires.
  • ALL ENGINES MUST BE STOCK! If it doesn't sound like stock, it's not stock!


  • All entries will be inspected for safety, and items that may cause harm to other competitors and those deemed unsafe will not be allowed.
  • HELMETS ARE REQUIRED and must have a full face shield or eye protection.
  • Fire suits, gloves, and neck brace are recommended.
  • A minimum 3-point seat belt is required; however, a 4-point seat belt is recommended.
  • All glass (except the windshield) must be removed. The windshield may be removed and replaced with expanded metal. Window nets are allowed.
  • All lights, mirrors, and side trim must be removed from the vehicle.
  • All vehicles must have a Fire Extinguisher within arms reach of the driver.
  • ROLL CAGE. Must be a rear hoop behind the driver and passenger, the vehicle's width, and two kickers from the top of the hoop down to the frame. It must be a minimum 1 ½" diameter pipe or tubing. No exhaust pipe for tubing. 4 or 3 points are recommended.
  • The driver's door may be reinforced on the inside (recommended).
  • The front bumper may be reinforced on the inside 3/8 plate or equivalent. The bumper must retain a stock appearance with no sharp edges!
  • The front grill may have expanded metal, and a six-inch high hoop is allowed to protect the radiator 3/16 tubing max—six inches from the top of the bumper. A skid plate under the radiator is allowed.
  • The battery must be relocated from under the hood, placed in a protective box, and secured inside or in the bed.
  • Skid plates are allowed.
  • All doors must be either chained or welded shut.


  • Trailers must be a trailer. Examples are a pickup box, camper, boat trailer with a boat, etc.
  • NO tandem axle trailer, no semi-trailer. The trailer can not be a piece of iron with an axle only. Officials have the final say if your trailer passes. Ask fair officials if you have any questions about what a trailer is.
  • It must be of a ball hitch, no hitch pins, and safety chains must be at least a 3/8" chain.
  • All trailers must be at least 6 feet long from hitch to rear. NO farm equipment! CAMPERS AND BOATS must be cleaned out of all items. You are responsible for all camper and boat parts that fall off your trailer! No boat, no trailer!


  • The minimum age is 16 years old with a valid driver's license, must have a parent release form signed if you are under 18.
  • No, leaving the track at any time, and no pit stops are allowed.
  • ALCOHOL IS FORBIDDEN BY ANY DRIVER!!! Drivers caught drinking before or during the race will be disqualified!!

Object and Rules of the Race

  • This is not a race! The purpose of the race is the destruction of other competitors' trailers. The last running vehicle with a trailer adequately attached to the tow vehicle and has an axle in place on the trailer will be the winner. You will be black-flagged for hitting a tow vehicle.
  • Race officials may black flag you for not hitting anyone's trailer. Again this is not a race; it is a Night of Destruction! If the trailer comes off the ball, officials can flag you if they feel it is unsafe. If you lose the axle on your trailer, you are out!
  • We will run heat races. There will be at least two feature races. There will be an intermission between feature races for repairs. Top 4 in the consolation feature move to the main feature. The number of cars will determine the main feature qualifiers entered that night.
  • We may run an 18-year-old and under heat, if there is enough entered.
  • We will not have a modified class.
  • All vehicles must pass inspection. Officials have the final say on all rules.
  • If a red flag comes out, stop immediately. You are out if an official with a black flag points at you. Remember, we are here for a show for the public, not how fast you can drive.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with Hall County Fair officials.

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